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2nd I.C. Data Collection – Instruments

In order to learn about all the possibilities of both instruments I asked to bass players and bass guitar players to give me some Solo repertoire to listen at. Due doesn’t exist so much repertoire focus on different techniques I also asked to cello players to give me some references.
What I was looking for was about the technical possibilities and how were they developed and which role the composer and improviser gave to the instrument.

I also met with the players of my piece, Boris Oud (bss.gtr.) and Alessio Bruno (Up.bss.) and see all the possibilities that they could offer me and try what was possible and the difficulty in achieve some of the effects.

Double Bass techniques

Steffano Scodanibbio


-Double stops, use of flageolets mutting string.
-Different timbres by collocating the bow sul tasto or sul ponticello and its transitions.
-Effects by using different type of vibratos and combination of attack and position of the bow.
-Left pizzicatos.

& Roll

-Groove related music (popular music influences).
-Role of the instrument: Bass, harmonic and melodic.
-Left hand tapping and use of Ricorchette col legno
-Use of the hotel mute.

Adam Ben Ezra

Can’t stop Running

-Groove related music.
-Body of the instrument used as a percussion instrument.
-Role: Bass, melodic, harmonic and rhythmic at the same time. (by adding another tone of the harmony)

Ernst Reijseger (cello)

Down Deep

-Use of the cello as a guitar
-Percussive sounds with the strings
-Use of clothes pegs
– Percussive sounds and other effects with the body of the instrument
-Role: Bass, harmonic, melodic and rhythmic.

Bass Guitar

Victor Wooten

Amazing Grace

-Guitar technique
-Tapping technique
-Use of flageolets
-Percussive sounds by mutting strings
-Combination of melody, harmony, bass and percussion.

Marcus Miller

One Shot Not

-Double thumb

Gary Willis

Everything’s Cool

-Scratching the string with the nail.



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