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Some inspirations

Duke Ellingtong:
I like his approach of getting out the best of his musicians. By knowing them he knew the possibilities of the musicians and their strengths. He gave space for improvisation to his musicians, something that I would like also to give in some pieces.
I also liked the connection with the traditional Jazz and experimentations, trying to go a step further in his arrangements and compositions.

Count Basie:
I like his approach towards music. Giving space and playing few notes at the proper moment. I also like his compositions and arrangements which followed the traditional Jazz of his period.

Stan Kenton:
I like his theory of the Lydian Chromatic Scale. How to connect the different modes, to come out from the traditional way of using them from the cool style.

John Lee Hooker:
I like his simplicity and groove in traditional blues.

Carla Bley and Paul Bley:
I her approach of combining Jazz & Classical elements. To come out of the tradition of Jazz by using different approaches coming from the Classical field. I also like how they use the tensions in their music.

Bill Evans:
I like his compositions, how he uses and develops the harmony and the melody.

Miles Davis:
All the different musical fields that he was into and how he applied the different musical techniques/styles in his own language.
Also how he created the album Bitches Brew

Frank Zappa:
I like the combination of popular and academic music, the lyrics and the attitude towards what is music and life.

Freddy Mercury:
I like his compositions, specially the treatment of the harmony, his lyrics, his attitude towards music and his way of performing it.

Popular electronic music:
I am quite interested in the sounds they use and the rhythms of the different styles. In how can I use it in my way.

Claude Debussy:
I like the use of parallel chords, non functional harmony, the use of different musical scales, the sense of no meter by using floating rhythm, the atmospheres he creates with the musical parameters.

Johannes Sebastian Bach:
I like the horizontality of his music. How he developed the fugues, the counterpoint, the modes, and how he got different atmospheres by using very limited rules. And how he was creating musical effects in the aesthetics of that period.

Gregorian music:
I like the simplicity of the use of the material, the colours of the modes, the very restricted limitations and its different outcomes.

Gustav Mahler:
I like his treatment of harmony and non harmonic effects. How he developed and recreated in his melodic lines, the use of different layers inside the music, the clearness of evolution of a small motive and his instrumentation. The change of dynamics, timbres, rhythms… the way how he dealt with the contrasting material. Also how he was making the connections between the contrasting materials.

Arnold Schönberg:
I like his process. Coming from late romantic and controlling the tools of it and creating new approaches to organise the musical parameters and his try outs with different approach towards the form.

Atmospheric music:
I like the approach of XX century composers where they make create landscapes without a clear melody neither rhythmical measure. Composers like Louis Andreessen (the piece of Tijd), and the composers of: The Mass, Como un rayo de sombra y luz.

Edgar Varèse & Karlheinz Stockhausen:
I like their use of the electronic sounds and its development. Also their way of notating music and their approach.



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