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3rd Feedback Session

Question: in your research question there is a relation between narration and the use of electronics.
Is the use of electronics  truly essential for the things/subjects you want to narrate?
NK: Yes. Depending on the piece, the role and the degree of importance of the electronics will be different.
How is that in the piece of Bruynel? There are more adventurous examples!
NK: In his piece is quite important. If we remove the tape, what is left is the flute solo. The tape is setting the atmosphere and is giving the extra information. 
Feedback: Do not be afraid of touching subjects you ‘rejected’ during the building of your research question, finally in the building of El Mundo Kaori.
Try to make the use of electronics essential as compositional tool in the way you narrate your stories within the music that we experience in El Mundo Kaori.

-Be careful with the material you show in the presentation: don´t make us listen to a recording than we can listen at home and which is not really relevant. A short example would be enough. The most interesting part are your reflections on that piece.
-Good and thorough analysis of the piece, but how are you going to use it?
NK: I’ll use the:
-relation between the tape and the solo instrument.
         –The picture of a sound (to use real sounds)
         –Use of Low/High Pass Filter

          –The idea of bringing out specific tones/sounds of one complex sound (ej. the ostinato was there all the time, but in some moments the 5th harmonic was sounding more than the other ones, or the root… etc..)
-Data collection still a bit general and scattered (especially in your blog)
NK: Welcome to El Mundo Kaori. We agreed that some posts are only some thoughts, I changed the title, so now is ok.
– The research is still full of future plans and not so many visible facts. I find difficult to predict and imagine how are you going to use the data collection to create your music.
NK: We talked about the lack of motivation during the past months. I made clear that I’ll check a couple of more electronic pieces in order to create my own Solo piece + electronics.

Interesting continuation of your research.
Some questions and remarks (some of them already answered in the peresentation)
What did you expect to find in the piece by Bruynel?
NK: I was looking for the relation between the tape and the solo instrument.
What is the relation with the previous intervention?
NK: I wanted to use and to deepen my knowledge in electronic field. That is what I was missing in my previous piece.
Good and thorough analysis of the work; what will you do with it?
NK: Check the first answer I gave to FM.
Have you included timbre in your analysis? (you seem to focus on pitch, also in your analysis: the electronics are like an orchestra)
NK: Yes. I did not make a deep analysis, but how I named the sounds are related to the timbre and also in some moments I talked about the variation/evolution of the timbre.
What will be the Intervention for this I.C. ? (answer in the presentation)
NK: Solo piece (voice) + electronics.
What wil be the result of your complete AR? 1 piece which says it all?
–>> El mundo Kaori
NK: Exactly
Line up: voice, viola, multi-reeds (tenor sax, clarinet, bass clarinet), keys, Drum kit/percussion, Double Bass.
The plans look very good, interesting.
Advise to include the results of your complete research; it is good to narrow down the scope of your research, but this does not mean that what you found in the beginning is now useless.
NK: I agree
Concerning the documentation: it would be a good idea to write a text on the development of your Research Question.
NK: Vale


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