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2nd I.C. Data Collection – La Creation

Darius Milhaud – la creation du monde Premier: 25 October 1923 Blase Cendrars (libreto): themes of the creation from African folklore mythology. Fernand Léger (design scenario and costumes) Jean Börlin (Choreographer) DATA COLLECTION GENERAL INFORMATION 1-wikipedia:éation_du_monde 2-article from San Francisco Symphony,-Opus-81.aspx 4-Le Deblocnot general overview of the life of Milhaud… Continue reading 2nd I.C. Data Collection – La Creation

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Outcome Feedback 1st AR meeting

After the first feedback meeting some questions erased. What is my definition of Narrative music? What is Jazz language related music? What makes a composer personal? What I like or dislike from my music? About Narrative Music: In general, music can be divided in three groups: -Narrative -Meditative -Functional In overall words, meditative music is the one that… Continue reading Outcome Feedback 1st AR meeting

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Artistic Research Proposal 01

Artistic Research Proposal Name: Neus Kaori Fornós Ohnuma Main subject: Jazz Composition Main subject teacher: Paul van Brugge AR domain: Composition AR coach: Hans Koolmees Date of submission: 28th of November Subject: Polystilism in Jazz Narrative music Title: Developing musical tools by analysing pieces of the extended music literature of composers. Keywords: El mundo Kaori.… Continue reading Artistic Research Proposal 01


Assignment 2: MEDIA & NETWORK

MEDIA SURVEY & REVIEW 1. Literature The Romantic generation is a book that describes the musical language, forms and styles of the Romantic era. It has examples of different scores, and compares some composers, and makes references from composers of other eras. Charles Rosen, 1998, The Romantic generation, HarperCollinsPublishers Alfred Schnittke, 2002,  A Schnittke reader,… Continue reading Assignment 2: MEDIA & NETWORK